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Member Benefits

.In the words of  DWP Harvesting’s Managing and Marketing Director, Andrew Nicol, "The benefit of  DWP Harvesting Membership is based on the economies of scale and the ability to  build long-term relationships with harvesting, haulage and other  contractors.   We benefit both our  suppliers and customers because we provide continuity of work and of supply.
DWP Harvesting has serviced Members for  over 25 years.   Becoming a Member of the  co-operative puts Members in a far stronger position to minimise costs and  maximise returns.  More can be achieved through joint working than any of  us can achieve as individuals.   The  market is growing fast, and changing.   We  need to be in a position to take full advantage of an increasing demand for  timber."



POOLING RESOURCES:  By pooling Member  Services, ie PLANNING, LOGISTICS, OPERATIONS and ACCOUNTS  and RECORDS experienced staff minimise costs and maximise returns at every  stage.


BEST DEAL FOR SUPPLIERS AND CUSTOMERS: As DWP Harvesting continues  to grow and develop, suppliers can offer their best price as they can be  assured of the on-going demand of their services.   At the same time customers, in the shape of sawmills,  wood processors and exporters can offer their best price as they are keen to  secure an on-going supply of timber.


REPRESENTATION and LOBBYING: Members forestry and  woodland interests are represented at local and national level.   EG. DWP Harvesting lobbies Holyrood  and Westminster on behalf of Members.    In October 2011 Andrew Nicol represented DWP at a meeting with Scottish  Ministers, Fergus Ewing and Stewart Stephenson, in Inverness to advise on the “build or burn” issue for wood fibre.   This is an element of increasing importance  given the recent rise in demand of biomass energy from timber and the  implications the timber market.

.MEMBERS’  FORUM:  Underpinning  DWP Harvesting is 25 years of collective knowledge and experience of its  Members.  Quarterly Board Meetings are  held where all topical issues can be reviewed and Members are kept up to date  with market and political developments by the management.  Members are in-turn encouraged to feed into  DWP Members forum with their views of what is happening in the market place  that may affect Members interests.   Periodically Membership Receptions are held to raise the DWP Membership  profile and encourage new Members to join.   Collective Member visits are organised to places of interest and  speakers are invited to address Members on key topics.   DWP keeps  media and national and trade press up to date with what is happening within the  co-operative.    A visit from Viken Skog, the Norwegian Timber Co-operative to exchange ideas in 2012, the International Year  of Co-operatives, was deemed to be exceptionally beneficial by both  Co-operatives.

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