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Member Services

DWP Harvesting offers two levels of service:

1.     Full Harvesting and Marketing Services

Working with Members to meet the strategic objectives for their woodlands, DWP Harvesting provides the following services:

Standing crops are inspected and production forecasts prepared.

Felling licences and consents are applied for and obtained. 

Advice is given on access roads for proposed timber haulage operations.

Based on production forecasts, supplies are co-ordinated into sales contracts negotiated with sawmills, wood processors, and exporters.

Access road maintenance and upgrading is organised as required.
Members’ timber operations are integrated into the DWP Harvesting programme working with established harvesting and haulage contractors.

Work on site is supervised through regular contact with contractors to ensure compliance with Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Control Guidelines.
Liaison is maintained as appropriate with Tenants,
Staff and Utility Companies.

Weighbridge Tickets for timber deliveries are processed to generate Purchase Invoices for contractors and Sales Invoices to customers.  

Credit Control ensures agreed terms are met.

An Account is maintained for each Member and payments are made to them on net sales return of timber as offset against documented costs of Operations.

DWP Harvesting Commission Rates
Members 6% of gross sales
These Services are available to Non Members at a Non-Member Commission Rate.

2.      Agency Marketing Service

Alternatively where a Member carries out their own harvesting operation, DWP Harvesting provides an Agency Marketing Service:

All harvesting arrangements are organised independently by the Member.   DWP Harvesting organises sale of timber through contracts negotiated with the co-operative’s comprehensive network of sawmills, wood processors and importers.

DWP Harvesting Commission Rates    
Members 1.7% of gross sales
These Services are available to Non Members at a Non-Member Commission Rate.

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